Positioning Development

Client Applications
  • Brand Architecture
  • New Product/Service Development
  • Brand Repositioning/
  • Advertising/
    Communication Development
Client Deliverables
  • Our goal is to identify a pre-emptive positioning our clients can own.
  • MI helps our clients own and grow their position in the market by identifying what distinguishes them from their competition and what ultimately drives the consumer to act.
  • We craft persuasive and credible communications that speak directly to the inner emotional and motivational dynamics of our target consumers.
  • MI's value propositions support our client's core equities and are compellingly distinct from their competition.

Concept Development

Client Applications
  • New Product/Service Development
  • Brand Extensions
  • Brand Revitalization/Repositioning
Client Deliverables
  • MI creates compelling and believable core concept statements for actionable research evaluation.
  • Next, we create visualized concepts using color illustrations and photography that highlight the product features.
  • Our concepts are carefully crafted and visualized to address core consumer motivations and product benefits/features, providing measurable stimuli for assessment at qualitative and quantitative research stages.