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Through Marketing Insights’ strategic, research and marketing expertise, we have created significant value across our clients’ diverse brand categories. See examples of how we have helped our clients achieve their goals.

Brand/Company Situation Initiatives Results
Butterball Chicken ConAgra
  • Mature brand exhibiting declining sales and distribution losses.
  • Led multi-tiered research and branding initiative including identification of new brand opportunities, brand repositioning, launching of new products and line extensions, packaging re-design and creative strategy programs.
  • Retail sales rose from $35M to $170M in three year period, exceeding client goals.
  • Expanded brand portfolio of differentiated product offerings leading to broadening of consumer user groups.
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  • Highly competitive wireless environment with limited emerging growth opportunities.
  • Guided research, product development and launch of first pay-as-you-go "cellular-in-the-box" including concept development, positioning, advertising and promotional programs
  • Directed strategic research and marketing planning in SE region. Spearheaded Equity Study, Positioning Exploration, Churn Retention and Customer Optimization Programs.
  • Innovation generated over $12M incremental annual revenue in SE region in Year I, outperforming plan expectations.
  • Held leadership position and achieved most profitable sales region ranking for Year I-III.
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  • Client goal to leverage brand equity into new markets.
  • Directed research, ideation, and name generation across a broad range of product categories. Identified innovative areas for brand expansion.
  • Expanded brand portfolio with innovative, differentiated products across new product segments and user groups within consumer and educator sectors with profitable entries including Model Magic, and Crayola Beginnings, Color Explosion, Dream-makers, Color Wonder, Air-dry Clay, Twistable Markers, Crayons, Classpacks, Dry Erase Activity Center and Glow Station.

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  • Highly competitive ice cream category with need for innovation and broadening of product offerings.
  • Led multi-tiered research and branding initiative including brand equity evaluation, ideation of new brand opportunities, concept/positioning development, and identification of new concepts for product development.
  • Identification of four new innovative products in specialty dessert arena and five carton ice cream products currently in development with phased launching in Year I.
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  • Mature brand with desire for innovation and differentiation.
  • Set positioning direction and spearheaded research in launch of first innovative self-service digital picture service for online and retail application.
  • These innovations represent significant shares of Kodak’s current revenues. Kodak is now the world's leading supplier in self-service picture kiosks, with more than 85,000 units installed at retail locations globally.
    More than 75 million people worldwide manage, share and create photos online using Kodak Gallery.
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Veggie Patch
  • Stagnant sales with limited brand awareness and unrecognized brand personality.
  • Led strategic research and branding initiatives resulting in identification of optimum brand positioning and new packaging.
  • 14% dollar sales growth across line with key SKU’s performance increasing 18-22% in sales (52 week period), far outpacing category growth.
  • These initiatives propelled the brand to a leadership position.
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Logics Clairol

  • Need for profitable and highly differentiated product line in competitive professional hair care arena.
  • Developed and implemented strategic research plan and guided positioning, testing and marketing plan implementation.
  • New product innovation successfully contributed to Division’s sales and profits (with +11% sales growth in Year I).
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  • Mature brand with declining sales.
  • Guided children and purchaser research in repositioning of Bazooka and development of new product entry of Bazooka Bursts in soft gum segment.
  • Bazooka Bursts was recognized as top selling new entry in gum category in Year I, doubling Bazooka’s sales within soft gum segment.
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Bausch & Lomb
  • Stagnant brand performance in highly competitive environment.
  • Identified opportunity, developed positioning and spearheaded research for revitalization of eye care line.
  • Halted share erosion within 8 months of launch, propelling brand to leadership position. ReNu continues to lead in contact lens care.
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