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I have worked with Marie for over 20 years. Her exemplary professionalism and determination, combined with her keen insights into my businesses both strategically and executionally, have resulted in several business-building successes at both Topps and a start-up toy company including a major brand relaunch and new product development. Her unrelenting commitment to identifying that pre-emptive "hook" to drive consumers to your brand sets her apart, big-time, from any other marketing or business consultant with whom I have worked during my 30 year career. She is a true business partner in every sense of the word. The value which she provides is immeasurable.

Alan Grupp
General Manager/Canada and Mexico
The Topps Company, Inc.

Marie has been an invaluable member of our start-up team from the beginning. She has contributed enormously to the concept development, positioning, strategic planning and research surrounding our new business venture. Marie and I first worked together in brand management 22 years ago at Sara Lee Corporation. Her strategic smarts, collaborative spirit, energy and experience have helped me enormously throughout my career from Sara Lee to AT&T Wireless to my current start-up. She is a much valued business and marketing partner.

Jim Chin
VitalTrax; Founder and Executive Vice President, Former General Manager of AT&T Wireless

Marie converted me from a research non-believer to a research enthusiast and supporter. Marketing Insights has proven time and time again the merits of research and how, when strategically planned and well executed, you can reap real benefits. Marketing Insights takes a very holistic approach to any project and is always consistently focused on the end game….increased sales and profit. I have recommended Marketing Insights to my colleagues. They are consummate professionals with strategic smarts and flawless execution.

Emilio Echave
AT&T Wireless Vice President

Throughout my last 15 years as a marketing manager, I have relied on Marketing Insights as a key partner in strategic business development, research and branding. Marie has contributed to major growth in many of my businesses. At Butterball and Veggie Patch, we gained significant unit and dollar sales increases as a result of Marie’s insights and strategic guidance. She has true entrepreneurial spirit, yet is grounded by solid analytical and strategic skills. I view Marie as a key member of my marketing team and have even enlisted her to participate in our strategic management team sessions.

Steve Berman
Veggie Patch Marketing Manager

Working with Marketing Insights is akin to having our own in-house research and new product development department available to us 24/7. Marie's creative approach to ideation and research has led to numerous new product innovations currently in development. We couldn't have done it without or her passion for innovation, extensive expertise in ideation, research and branding, and real commitment to growing our business.

Zeynep Akkan
Friendly’s Marketing Manager

We retained Marketing Insights for many years, both for strategic planning and research projects. Marie has played a key role in re-focusing our strategic efforts and identifying profitable opportunities for our business. Most important, her strategic and research approach is not cookie-cutter. Marie has always responded to our specific business needs and really understands our market and goals. Above all, she has a genuine desire to grow our business. We very much enjoy working with her both on a professional and personal level.

Joe Winters
DayTimers CEO

Marketing Insights has contributed significantly to the Crayola business for over 14 years. Marie’s tenacious spirit combined with her systematic strategic approach and fresh research insights have greatly assisted us in identifying significant opportunities for many of our brands.

Rachel Strauss
Crayola Platform Leader